Braces versus Invisalign- which is better?

braces vs Invisalign
Braces versus Invisalign- which is better?
February 9, 2023

Are you debating between braces versus Invisalign and wondering which is better? Here are some pros and cons to both orthodontic options:

Braces Pros:

  • Can work slightly faster
  • Less to keep up with (you don’t have to remember to wear them), better for non-compliant patients
  • Work better in very complicated cases (impacted teeth, extractions)
  • You can get them the day you come in for your FREE consultation if you’re ready!

Braces Cons:

  • Food restrictions (no sticky, chewy, crunchy foods)
  • Take more effort to keep clean through brushing and flossing
  • More frequent appointments (every 6-8 weeks typically)

Invisalign Pros: 

  • No food restrictions (you take them out to eat)
  • Hygiene is easier to keep up with (you can take them out to brush and floss)
  • Very esthetic (almost invisible when in the mouth)
  • Fewer visits (every 15 weeks typically)

Invisalign Cons: 

  • Must be compliant or the aligners DO NOT WORK (worn 20-22 hours/day)
  • Highly recommended that you brush your teeth after eating and before placing them back in your mouth
  • Easy to throw out if wrapped in a napkin or not put in your retainer case
  • Waiting time of 4-5 weeks every time aligners are being fabricated (which can extend treatment time)

Dr. Best will always tell you if she thinks either braces or Invisalign will work better to fix your dental alignment and bite, and if both will work equally well, the decision is up to you! Our full treatment fees are the same for both options because we want you to choose what will fit into your lifestyle the BEST

About 40% of our patients are over the age of 21, and about half of them choose to do braces so they don’t have to think about them as much (see our post about adult braces here)! At the same time, we have a ton of teens who opt for Invisalign (with their parents’ blessing :P) because they want to straighten their teeth without everyone knowing. 

If you have questions about braces vs Invisalign, or what you should do, please let us know in the comments below, or reach out via text to 704-782-5146, email at, or social media (Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook) accounts @bestorthonc.

  • Dr. Best and your Best Orthodontics Team