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You probably have heard some crazy (and maybe even scary) stories about braces before, but rest assured, having braces is great! Here are some things you should know:

  • Dr. Best has treated thousands of people with braces. She will know how to give you that beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

  • Your child should come in for their first free consultation around the age of 7. Dr. Best will take a look and make sure everything looks healthy, and then will probably see your child every year or so until they are ready to start.

  • Occasionally, a child may benefit from braces before all the permanent teeth come in. If that’s the case, Dr. Best will explain why.

  • Most kids are ready to start treatment in junior high school, and if they do a great job brushing their teeth and wearing rubber bands, it should typically take 1-2 years.

  • If your child is super responsible, they may be able to get Invisalign instead! Ask us if you’re interested.

  • Braces aren’t just for kids. Some adults know they won’t wear their Invisalign trays and ask for braces instead! Dr. Best has treated all ages with braces, from kids to great grandparents.

  • It takes about an hour to put braces on, and it doesn’t hurt, although you may be a little sore in the following days.

  • Appointments are usually every 6-8 weeks and last about 20 minutes.

  • You’ll get a few sets of retainers when you are done with treatment, and you will need to wear them nighttime for lifetime to make sure your teeth stay perfect! 🙂