Invisalign® is an amazing option to straighten teeth that has come a long way since it’s inception over 20 years ago. Today, almost everyone can be an Invisalign® candidate if treated by the right orthodontist. 

  • Dr. Best has treated tons of patients of all ages with Invisalign, from 7 to 85 years old.
  • There are no impressions! We scan your teeth digitally and then send the 3D model to the computer.
  • Dr. Best digitally moves your teeth so that they look beautiful and fit together perfectly using a special software, and then sends the model to the lab to make your custom aligners.
  • You wear your aligners all the time (except when eating and brushing your teeth), and change them weekly at home until we need you to check in again.
  • Because you are in control of your treatment, we usually only need to see you every 3-4 months, and these appointments can often be virtual!
  • Some of the advantages of Invsialign® include: easier oral hygiene, no food restrictions, fewer overall in office appointments, and improved esthetics
  • Don’t forget, however, that Invisalign® doesn’t work unless you wear your aligners as instructed! 

Check out some of our before and after photos below for patients who had Invisalign®.  Move the slider to see the transformation!

Invisalign with iTero Scanner
The Best Orthodontics team. The orthodontist working with braces and invisalign in Concord, North Carolina. This is near Kannapolis, Charlotte, Harrisburg, and Huntersville.

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